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About me

Hi, welcome to my website!

 I'm Grytsje Suze, student  Art&Design Education at ArtEZ School of the Arts in Arnhem. This website will give you an insight to my work and vision. Feel free to look around and contact me. 

Grytsje Suze

About my work

My work is always based on some kind of visual effect, contrast or experiment. Playing and combining materials , disciplines, colours, forms and movement. It's about having fun and enjoying those surprising effects or un unexpected movements.  Check out my work for more information.

Artist's statement

About You & Me

As you can see, I'm very widely oriented and I love all kinds of disciplines and materials. I'm interested in all kinds of work or collaborations, even if not specifically displayed on this website. Please contact me for more information or to exchange ideas and plans.

I'd love to collaborate on projects including: 


Graphic design;

Accessories design;

Product design;

Teaching / educating;

Courses or workshops; 

Interdisciplenary projects;

 (combining art&design with dance, theatre or music)


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